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Wooden Luck Dark Blue

Wooden Luck Dark Blue

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Horseshoe Nails
The minimalist way to showcase your horseshoe. You can choose which color the horseshoe nails should have and whether you want Preciosa© rhinestones on your horseshoe (surcharge €3.50 - €5.50). You can find an example of how the rhinestones will be attached to your horseshoe here. Each wooden slice comes with a hanger screwed into place. We recommend a broad head nail for secure hanging.

Please note that birch wood is a natural product. Your wooden slice will look slightly different than the one shown in the product image (e.g., a bit more square or oval). But it will definitely be beautiful.

Can't find a design that appeals to you? Send me a message! Together we can personalize your lucky horseshoe even further (e.g., color of the beads, color of the horseshoe, etc.).
As a lucky charm, the horseshoe is a wonderful gift. For a wedding, baptism, birthday or simply for a special person.
The importance of the horseshoe as a lucky charm is very old. In the pre-industrial era, a horse was a very valuable possession on which an entire family often depended. As horseshoes protected the horse's delicate hooves and made the horse more efficient, the importance of the horseshoe as a good luck charm developed. Luck, contentment and prosperity are still associated with this symbol today.

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