You have a question? Here you will find the answer!

Can I send you my own iron?

Yes, in any case! For each product you can choose whether you want to send me your own iron or have an iron from my stock. That makes no difference in price for you.

Where do I have to send my iron/tail hair?

After your order you will automatically receive an e-mail with all the information about your horseshoe dream. There you will also find the address to which you can send your iron and/or tail hair and further information for the optimal preparation of the iron and tail hair. If you do not receive an email, please also check your spam folder. Unfortunately, the info mails sometimes end up there. If you can't find it there either, send me an email to kontakt@hufeisentraeume.de.

My iron is pretty rusty. Can you still use this?

Yes! Rust is not a problem at all. I can remove it without leaving any residue, whether it's just a few small rust spots or a thick layer of rust. It is important for me that you remove dirt and all nails from your iron before sending it. That makes my work a lot easier. Thanks very much!

I have my own idea of ​​what my iron should look like. can you implement this

I am very happy to implement your ideas and can make almost anything possible here. Please write me an e-mail to kontakt@hufeisentraeume.de. Then we will discuss your wish and you will get your very own horseshoe dream!

How long and thick does the tail hair have to be?

The tail hair should be at least 45cm long and 1.5cm thick. That's about as thick as your little finger. If you don't have that much tail hair available, that's not a problem. I can conjure up anything out of any amount of tail hair. Please be 1.5cm thick. That's about as thick as your little finger. But please keep in mind that the result will look a little different than in the pictures. Please remove straw and shavings and wash hair before sending it to me. A little tip: If you use conditioner after washing, it will get a nice shine.

Your question was not answered? Then please send me an email to kontakt@hufeisentraeume.de. I'll get back to you as soon as possible and we'll clarify everything you want to know