About horseshoe dreams

About horseshoe dreams

or: how I make my dream of a handmade business come true

The idea for Horseshoe Dreams came about in the summer of 2016. I had been looking for a great product in the horse world for a long time and came across horseshoe dream catchers. This beautiful gem had everything you could want to start a small business with. Beautiful to look at, a great opportunity for the owner of the horseshoe to have a small piece of her horse at home and for me an opportunity to live out my creative streak in many different ways.

After several months of experimenting with different materials and techniques, I figured out the best way to make the dream catchers. On December 5th, 2016 the time had come. I had finished my homepage and filled my Facebook page with the first pictures. The excitement was great. How would my dream catchers be received? I was confident in my beautiful lucky charms, but who knows how others would react to them. So I shared my offer in different Facebook groups related to horses. The response was gigantic. For two days I was solely occupied with answering messages. In the short time leading up to Christmas, I sold over 40 dream catchers on the fly. I couldn't have wished for a better start and better motivation to keep going.

After Christmas I started to expand my handmade business step by step. An Instagram account was added and I regularly updated my website and social media accounts with the latest images of my clients' dream catchers. I was always able to implement new ideas. Many customers trust me so much that they just name the colors they want and let me do it with a "do it". A fantastic feeling. A year after the start, a professional online shop was added. Customers could now order directly and no longer had to email me. A great work simplification!

Little by little, I developed more and more product lines. After the dream catcher, the iron of luck moved in first. It was a customer's idea that I picked up and developed further. Shortly after the lucky iron went live, I received the first inquiries as to whether lucky irons and dream catchers could be combined. Of course you can! Great idea!

This is how the next product from the community came about: The dream catcher with a name. To date, the tree of life in the iron, the dream tree (combination of tree of life and dream catcher) and the traces of happiness with and without names have also been added. With all publications I have always received great encouragement and new ideas from my great community. You always have the best ideas! Thank you for your support for Horseshoe Dreams, your great ideas and your many orders. You are the reason why I can live my dream of a handmade business. You guys are great!