About me

Horseshoe dreams, that's me. Anja, 35 years old, owner of this wonderful handmade business since 2016.

Originally from beautiful Middle Franconia, I didn't get very far for my political studies. Namely right up to Upper Franconia in the medieval town of Bamberg, where I was allowed to spend a great six years. But slowly I was getting a little cramped in the small town. It should be a big city after graduation. There, where life romps. I came as far as Forchheim. Smaller than Bamberg, located between my home town of Erlangen and my university town of Bamberg.

It couldn't stay that way in the long run. Always interested in self-employment and entrepreneurship, I have been building my small company Hufeisenträume alongside my job since mid-2016. In September 2017 I took the plunge. Termination, into self-employment and at the same time into the big city. It should be Berlin. My gelding Sansibar, who has been with me through life since the summer of 2014, had to come with me, of course. After a strenuous start-up phase in Berlin, I feel like I have arrived. I was able to focus completely on my independence and fully enjoy the opportunities that a great city like Berlin offers for this. Zanzibar had a nice open stable and was happy about my visits.

But life isn't always what you want it to be. It was becoming increasingly difficult for me to reconcile my business, my life and my horse. Living in the heart of Berlin means having to drive very far to get to the horse in order to be able to offer it species-appropriate housing. We changed stables once, but my time trouble didn't improve. I just couldn't do Zanzibar justice anymore and therefore neither could I. A painful decision-making process over 1.5 years began, at the end of which I made the hardest decision of my life: Zanzibar needed a new home. I couldn't take care of him the way I wanted and he deserved. I have never regretted the decision, painful as it was. He has found a great family that takes care of him with love and commitment. In a way I couldn't anymore.

Even after 4 years, I still really like the big city life. I've had a workshop for a year now, where designing and making the horseshoe dreams is a lot of fun and gives me opportunities that I definitely didn't have when making them in my 1-room apartment ;) I'm curious to see what life will bring me in the years to come.