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Lucky Horseshoe Silver-Turquoise-Brown

Lucky Horseshoe Silver-Turquoise-Brown

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You can personalize this lucky horseshoe. Please select whether you would like to send me your own horseshoe and whether you would like Preciosa© Rhinestones on your lucky horseshoe (surcharge €3.50 - €5.50). You can find an example of how the rhinestones will be attached to your horseshoe here.

You can also choose to have one or two names or other words on the horseshoe. Enter the desired label in the field below. If you want two names or words, separate them with a comma. Please pay attention to the correct spelling of the caption especially with names!


The importance of the horseshoe as a lucky charm is known all over the world. So, a lucky horseshoe is a wonderful gift not only for horse lovers. Thanks to the possibilities of customization, you can make your lucky horseshoe a very personal and unique piece and even send in your horse's horseshoe for it. There are no limits to the imagination when it comes to lettering. Not only the names of the horse owner and the horse are conceivable but also, for example, the names of two friends or a couple as a gift. Good wishes such as "Good luck" or "All the best" are also possible.

Can't find a design that appeals to you? Send me a message! Together we can personalize your lucky horseshoe even further (e.g., color of the beads, color of the horseshoe, etc.).





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