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Individual Tree of Life with Name

Individual Tree of Life with Name

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Only order this product if you have previously discussed your individual design for the tree of life with me. I will then know how you want your tree of life to look and I will craft it exactly like that. According to our agreement, please choose whether you want to send me your own iron and whether you want Preciosa© Rhinestones on your horseshoe (surcharge €3.50 - €5.50). You can find an example of how the rhinestones will be attached to your horseshoe here.

Please note that this dream horseshoe is made with filigree craftsmanship and natural semi-precious stones. No tree of life looks exactly like the other. You get an absolutely unique piece!


In old mythologies and natural religions, the tree of life is a symbol of the cosmic order. While its roots reach deep into the earth, its tops support the sky. He thus connects the levels of heaven, earth and the underworld and symbolizes their unity. In this three-part depiction, the tree represents creation, vitality and everything that is good and useful. Just like the horseshoe, it brings you happiness and contentment and is therefore a wonderful companion for your horseshoe.

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