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Individual Dream Catcher with Names

Individual Dream Catcher with Names

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Tail Hair

Only order this product if you have previously discussed your individual design for the dream catcher with your name with me. I then know how you want your dream catcher to be and make it exactly like that. Please choose according to our agreement whether you want to send me your own iron, whether you want to send me tail hair (surcharge 10.00 €) and whether you want Preciosa© Rhinestones on your dream catcher (surcharge 3.50 € - 5.50 €). You can find an example of how to attach rhinestones here . If you only want to have one name, the other side of the horseshie will be filled with beads. Please make sure that there are no typos in the names!


According to the belief of the Ojibwe Indians, a dream catcher brings beautiful dreams and keeps bad dreams away. The horseshoe has always been a symbol of luck. This makes the horseshoe dream catcher a wonderful way to combine good dreams and happiness. Especially with the shoes of his own horse he creates a wonderful connection between man and horse. But even with an iron from the Hufeisenträume stock, this special dream catcher is a unique gift for a horse lover or just someone who is wished luck and good dreams.


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